We all have experienced spooning ice cream out of the carton while leaning against the kitchen sink. It tastes fine but put that same ice cream in a pretty dish, drizzle chocolate sauce on top and add a few raspberries and you’ve got a more appealing dessert. That extra touch creates that WOW factor that makes it even more enjoyable.

Are you adding the WOW factor to your outfits or are they lacking interest? Here is a list of fifteen things that can make your outfit more appealing. Those around you will be complimenting your “look” plus you’ll get more enjoyment out of what you’re wearing.

1. Add a small silk patterned scarf to the handles of your handbag.
2. If you’re wearing a suit, add an contrasting patterned top.
3. Next time you get new glasses, consider a colourful or fun frame.
4. Instead of black or brown boots or shoes, try magenta, dark green, or red.
5. Wear a colourful scarf around your neck. The pop of colour will bring attention to your face.

6. Wear a fedora hat a great summer accessory!
7. Add a touch of metallic in a clutch, a ballet flat or a belt.
8. Updating your leather jacket? Try one in teal.
9. Substitute a printed or colourful pant for your jeans.
10. Instead of a plain neutral coloured pump, buy one in a fabric print—floral, animal or graphic design
11. Be daring and wear a bright red shade of lipstick.
12. Break the habit of using only one handbag for every occasion. Routinely rotate your handbags or buy a bag for date night.
13. Layer chain necklaces in different metals or beaded necklaces in crystals or gemstones to get a fuller look.
14. Wear a patterned stocking with your pencil skirt instead of black tights or sheer hose. 15. Wear a smile. It’s the best accent for any outfit.

Do your outfits suffer from a case of the blahs? Don’t know how to accessorize? Let me help you create some attractive combinations from your existing wardrobe. Call me!