Personal image consultations
Uncover the real you!

“Discovering yourself is an adventure: it’s a journey that requires your attention and emotional energy. Finding your personal style is like developing a signature. No two will ever be the same.” – Chata Romano

What do you see when you open the wardrobe? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Can you confidently walk into a shop and pick the pieces that best suit you?
That’s my mission: to help you feel comfortable, be confident and celebrate your unique style.
My personal image consulting sessions are tailored to you – your shape, size, lifestyle and budget – and what is specific to your needs. Because we are all unique, and a personalised one-on-one session gives you the absolute best value.

Style Consultations



As you age and your body changes, your style should also evolve. With fashion constantly changing how do you create an authentic look? What clothes best present your personality? How do you find an outfit that inspires and brings pleasure? And how can you stop wasting money on pieces that just hang in your wardrobe?


Start with a style consultation. As the one of the few professionally trained image consultants in Sydney and the Illawarra, I’ll show you how to:
• Create your signature look and make the most of what you own
• Accentuate your best features, disguise the less than perfect
• Choose your best fabrics, colours and fashion styles
• Dress smart for any occasion
• Accessorise any outfit
• Make the most of good grooming
• Match your wardrobe with your lifestyle
• Plan your shopping, so you invest in the best pieces for your budget

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Jackie: Before & After


Colour Consultations

Looking and feeling your best often comes down to colour. The colours you wear communicate instant visual perception (55%) and can effect performance, change your mood, level of confidence and your self-image. Colour can make you look slimmer, brighter and more youthful – or dull and older than you are.

In a fun colour consultation, you will:
• Uncover your colour direction profile
• Receive a personalised palette of over 50 colours
• Learn how to coordinate colours, textures and prints
• Determine the best hairstyles and accessories for your colouring
• Find your best neutrals and contrast levels
• Learn how to wear colour to flatter your face and figure
• Receive makeup application advice

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Wardrobe Consultations

wardrobe1Work your wardrobe! Ditch the pieces that don’t impress, and discover the ones that will wow. In your customised consultation, I’ll show you how to:
• Edit your wardrobe so you know what to retain, what to recycle and what to restyle.
• Create a workable wardrobe with pieces you already own
• Tailor your existing outfits to suit your shape, size and lifestyle
• Mix ‘n’ match and create outfits for any occasion
• Choose the cuts, colours and styles that flatter you
• Develop your own image intuition
• Make a shopping list of missing pieces
• Find seasonal fashion trends to add flair to your outfits
• Save a fortune by shopping smart!

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Pam: Before and After


Personal Shopping Consultations

personalshop3Clothes shopping can be stressful – especially when you don’t have a clear sense of self or style.

Shop with me – your very own shopping friend and expert – and save time, money, tears and frustration! I’ll show you how to choose complementary clothing to mix and match with your existing wardrobe. See how to buy the best basics and add inexpensive trend pieces each season.


• How to style more with less
• Buy the best clothes for your shape, size, personality, colouring and budget
• How to build a coordinated mix and match wardrobe with clothes you love to wear
• The shopping secrets for effortless dressing
• How to making shopping fun again and save money!

Shop in Style

$250 – 2 hours
$400 – half day
$650 – full day

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Travel Packing Consultations

packing2Can’t make it to a workshop? Then relax! Drab2Fab has a personalised packing service where we help you say goodbye to heavy bags, strained backs and excess luggage fees. We will come to you and put together a range of stylish outfits that mix and match so you dress well, pack light and look amazing wherever you go. Put packing woes behind you once and for all, after we have packed your suitcase.

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Other Consultation Options

Corporate Consultations

Find what to wear to work
and dress for success!

Virtual Consultations

Get personal style support
wherever you are

Men's Consultations

Dress to impress and become
a man of style