Image Consultation Packages
Your best self, ready to unwrap

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

Rediscover yourself and feel fun, fresh and fab at any age!
My packages are great value for money and designed to get you real results at an affordable price. With expert tips, modern styling techniques and more……. I truly believe everyone should (and can!) feel beautiful – whatever your lifestyle, shape, size or budget.

What do you see when you open the wardrobe? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Can you confidently walk into a shop and pick the pieces that best suit you?

That’s my mission: to help you feel comfortable, be confident and celebrate your unique style.
My personal image consulting sessions are tailored to you – your shape, size, lifestyle and budget – and what is specific to your needs. Because we are all unique, and a personalised one-on-one session gives you the absolute best value.

Fab Image Update - $195.00


Are you:
• Starting a new job?
• Re-entering the workforce?
• Aiming for a promotion?
• Feeling drab at work?

Discover how to dress for success and portray the right image for your workplace. In this 1.5 hour personalised session, you will learn how to project a professional, competent image, regardless of your industry, employment level or career path. Find out what to wear to work so you get noticed for all the right reasons and make lasting first impressions.

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Fab Style Support - $395.00

Do you want to update your image at your own pace, with support and guidance when you need it? Then this package (program?) is for you.
It includes:
• Image review
• Personality style assessment
• 1 hour wardrobe consultation
• Ongoing email support for 6 months
• 2 x 20 minute coaching sessions via Skype tele-conferencing in the 6 weeks after your session

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Fab Yummy Mummy Mini Makeover - $395

Being a new mum is a wonderful experience. But it’s also a time when you probably put yourself last. My tailored wardrobe and shopping package injects a sense of style and fun into dressing your post-baby body. In just one half day (or 4 hours?), you’ll once again feel sexy, comfortable and stylish in clothes that confidently embrace your new identity and lifestyle.
Packed with easy-to-follow guidelines and simple, cost-effective budget solutions, this fab makeover session has been designed for busy mums who want to look and feel attractive but without the hard work.

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Dorina: Style consultation – one minor change and look at the difference!


Image Reveal - $495


Do you feel:
Your wardrobe is full of clothes, but you can’t find a thing to wear?
No matter how much you spend on new items, you never quite look your best?
Need some tips on how to dress for your shape and size and put together some fab outfits?

This half-day package gives you an instant image overhaul. You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine your personal style recipe by how you want to look and feel: more youthful? feminine? up-to date? sexy? beautiful? attractive? chic? smarter? edgier? funkier? or more confident?
  • Dress for your personality and lifestyle
  • Choose what cuts, styles, design features work best for you and your body, and what to avoid
  • Clear the clutter from your wardrobe
  • Create a set of coordinated outfits from your wardrobe that make you look and feel fantastic.
  • Accessorise outfits to go from day to work to out on the town!

You also get a personalised shopping plan, so you can shop with confidence and no longer waste money on impulse buys and “that’ll do items”!

BONUS: Add 2 hours of PERSONALISED SHOPPING for just $100 with this package. Save $150

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Image Update - $895

Do you…
Feel drab and boring in what you wear?
Have a wardrobe that depresses rather than excites?
Find shopping a pain rather than a pleasure?
Struggle to find clothes that fit or are appropriate for your age?

Then an image update is just what you need.

This full day package includes:

  • Full style analysis consultation and style discovery session to uncover your unique and authentic style
  • Colour draping session and consultation to determine your signature colours, best contrast levels, textures and fabrics. Includes a personalised colour swatch of over 50 colours valued at $65
  • Full wardrobe audit and overhaul
  • A mix n match strategy session on how to create a coordinated wardrobe that works
  • Detailed shopping plan of what is missing from wardrobe
  • Shopping trip for 4 hours
  • Follow up one hour consultation

BONUS: Add a NEW HAIR STYLE and COLOUR for just $100 with this package. Save $125

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Image Makeover - $1295

Do you keep buying the same clothes all the time? No clue on how to look stylish? Never feel great about yourself? When you change what you wear and how you wear it, you change how you feel about yourself. When you know you look good your self-esteem and confidence increases. This in turn attracts people and opportunities to you.

If you’ve become “invisible”, totally lost sight of what suits you and no longer know what to wear OR lost your confidence and want your mojo back.. then this package is for you!

Over a period of two – three sessions I’ll be there to guide and support you throughout your complete style transformation and image makeover. This package includes…

  • The full image update package – colour, style, wardrobe sessions
  • A new hair style and colour
  • Make up lesson
  • Shopping trip – full day or taken as 2 half day sessions
  • A two hour follow up wardrobe session after the shopping trip to create and document two weeks of outfits for a variety of occasions
  • Before and after photos
  • Email and phone support for 3 months after the makeover session

BONUS: Give a friend a 2 hour COLOUR CONSULTATION gift certificate for just $100 with this package. Save $175!

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Ultimate Image Makeover - $2295

KAREN BEFORE – from Drab to Fab and Confident – KAREN AFTER

Style is not about the clothes .. it’s about how you wear them! Style is not about having the latest fashions or wearing expensive designer labels. And having great style is not determined by one’s age. Style is all about attitude and knowing what looks best on you – what clothes flatter your shape, size and colouring, what clothes suit your personality and your lifestyle, and what clothes represent the person you are today!

This package is for the woman who wants to transform her image from frumpy to fabulous! The woman who has lost her way in the fashion stakes and wants to develop a unique personal style that she can maintain on a daily basis. The woman who wants to transform her life to be her happy and authentic self – someone who looks fabulous every day, feels confident in every situation and attracts success in her life!

If this is you then read on. This ultimate image makeover transformation might be just what you’re looking for…

With this programme I guide you through a magical process to determine your style criteria and create new dressing habits that will totally transform your wardrobe and your look. Together we will work on your wardrobe to create and record stylish outfits suitable for every area of your life.

You will learn what to buy and what to avoid, how to combine items into outfits that flatter, nurture and function for your lifestyle. We will also use new purchases to mix and match with items you already own so you end up with a functional, versatile and co-ordinated wardrobe full of items you love to wear. There will be no more stressing about what to wear – simply choose an outfit from your photo look book or wardrobe chart.

Over a 6-12 month period this ultimate image makeover provides a clear pathway to transform your personal style once and for all. I’ll be with you every step of the way to support your style transformation and lead you from where you are to where you really want to be.

The Ultimate Image Makeover Package includes:

  • A Style Discovery and Reveal Session to work out what you want your style to be, to learn your style fundamentals, and to create your transformation plan
  • Wardrobe Workouts x 2 to transition your wardrobe to your new style, for each season and area of your life. It includes: creating outfits; recording them in photos and/or wardrobe charts; auditing your wardrobe and clearing out items that are past their use by date, or that can’t be used in flattering outfits that you love
  • Creating a shopping plan for warm and cool seasons
  • Shopping Success Sessions (number to be determined by consensus and need) to transition your wardrobe to your new style. We’ll shop to our plan. You’ll find these sessions different to shopping by yourself (or with friends) especially if you hate shopping! After a personal shopping trip, many clients are so happy they tell me they never want to shop without me again. I end up saving them so much time and frustration and they buy the perfect items that they would never have chosen by themselves!
  • Wardrobe Co-ordination Sessions after our shopping trips to educate you on how to successfully create and accessorise outfits that reflect your unique personal style.
  • Makeup Lesson with my preferred makeup artist to update your makeup style. Even if you don’t usually wear makeup, or wear very little makeup, it’s a great thing to do to see what’s possible!
  • Hair update – a new style, cut and colour by my recommended hair stylist.
  • A before and after photo shoot to record your transformation journey or use for your profession or business and social media
  • Unlimited outfit reviews for 12 months via email and text for outfits you create, or approval of an item you’d like to buy on your own
  • Unlimited phone support for 12 months to answer questions about an outfit or shopping purchase
  • Unlimited FREE access to any of my fabulous workshops for a period of one years


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