What our Happy Clients Say…

“Dear Julie – Thank you for making every moment of the time we spent undertaking the wardrobe audit count.  I have to say that I was exhausted by the end of the process as I cannot remember dressing and undressing consistently for five hours at any other time. Obviously there are too many clothes in my wardrobe. I gained a great deal from the process: My orphans and “one offs” are now paired with a range of garments so they will now be worn more frequently. Although the “disasters” and “has-beens” have gone to charity, your suggested shopping list is quite modest and will make the most of my new view of wardrobe contents. I have tended to choose from what is in the shops rather than really consider what suits me. You have reminded me of what is flattering to my shape and colour and I will now set aside more time to be a selective, rather than an impulse shopper. I shall definitely be in touch to seek guidance on some quality purchases for my winter wardrobe. Thank you again for a very valuable and most enjoyable session”.– Patricia O,Brien

“I love shopping. I enjoy seeing new items and trends, and also the social aspects of shopping with friends. My problem was that I purchased too many items on these frequent outings. The result of a pattern of impulse buying was a wardrobe full of lovely miss-matched pieces. Julie has taught me to question myself regarding prospective purchases, Do I need it, do I love it, do I have to have it?. She has also trained me to select pieces that actually go together and how to mix and match them with existing clothes in my wardrobe so I now have lots of wonderful combinations. A consultation with Julie is a fab experience. I now know what styles and colours to look for and am more discerning about what items I need to buy. If they don’t suit me, I don’t buy them, and I return items that just don’t work for me.” – Jennie Jackson, Professional Artist and Teacher
“I used to go shopping and wondered why certain people looked so good and I could never find what I wanted or anything that suited me. I’d like to thank Julie for helping me understand my body shape and what colours and styles suit me the most. Going to Drab2fab was the best experience. I enjoyed myself immensely and learnt a great deal in the process. I thoroughly recommend having a colour and style consultation. Julie made it all lots of fun and her enthusiasm and energy has rubbed off on me. Now I shop with confidence and feel heaps better about myself.“ – Arlene Bowers, Hairdresser
“Yes I went to Drab 2 Fab. Recently I spent a wonderful afternoon with Julie, from Drab2Fab, where the focus was just me. I came out feeling more confident that I could choose clothes that would fit well and really suit me. Clothes to enhance my appearance, clothes that would work for me. After 50 years I thought I knew how to dress myself. I knew certain colours were ‘good’ and others were ‘horrid. In the consultation, Julie helped me try colours I had for years rejected. She showed me how buying the ‘wrong’ [for me] colour or style is the reason lots of things just sit in my wardrobe. Why even with a cupboard full of stuff I still had nothing to wear! A couple hours with Drab2Fab is well worth the investment. It was a valuable experience and will save you money as you learn how to buy smart and look great. And most important of all, you will feel confident in both of these areas.” – Yvonne Monaghan, Mediator Justice Department