When it comes to travel, a woman’s number one pet hate is taking too much and packing clothes that she is not going to wear. So I have complied the…..



Which ones relate to you?

1) Leave packing to the last moment ….. so you toss in anything and everything in a panic!

2) Don’t have a plan or are organised in advance …. so you inevitably pack the wrong things because you haven’t worked out what is needed for the weather and activities you will be doing while away.

3) You think mentally about what to take and try to be specific about items. However when you go looking through the wardrobe you see other things …. so you end up choosing more to take.

4) Try to complicate it all and worry about forgetting something or not having the right thing for the right occasion or not enough of it …. so instead of making a decision on what you need to take you pack for the unexpected and to cover all bases.

5) Your case is not full …. so instead of taking a smaller bag you think you need to fill it up with more stuff (especially shoes).

6) Your wardrobe is overcrowded or dysfunctional ….. so it is hard to choose what you want to take or even find clothes that fit or are suitable for your travel needs.

7) Don’t have a co-ordinated mix n match wardrobe in a neutral palette …. so you end up taking too many coloured or patterned separates rather than a few versatile or key pieces that can be dressed up or down.

8) Don’t own clothes that layer or travel well ….. so you have to pack extra items to cover a range of different temperatures, destinations, activities and weather conditions.

9) Struggle on how to go from day to night …. so you take too many dressy clothes that are not practical for everyday wear.

10) Don’t possess lightweight wash n wear travel clothing …. so you take crushable, heavy, impractical clothing that makes washing or ironing a pain and adds extra weight to your suitcase..

11) Don’t have the perfect lightweight travel jacket … so for warmth you have to carry or wear bulky heavy coats that never look stylish, take up valuable space in your case and often create excess luggage weight.

12) Worry if you will be warm enough …. so you toss in a jumper, an extra jacket or long sleeved top just in case it gets too cold.

13) Get bored wearing the same combinations all the time and will not consider re-wearing things ….. so you carry around all that extra weight just to have more variety and choice.

14) Like to dress how you feel on the day ….. so you never know what to take and can’t pack accordingly.

15) Want variety and a different look every day …. so people you travel with or meet think you have an amazing wardrobe!

16) Don’t know how to accessorise simply and effectively.… so you take extra unnecessary items such as wraps, jewellery, bags, hats and shoes in an effort to look stylish and different in what you wear every day.

17) Worry if you need joggers for walking and how to look smart when wearing them .… so instead of buying a comfortable /stylish pair of walking shoes that will go with everything you take specific shoes to match outfits.

18) Are not confident with fashion and feel people look nicer than you when travelling … so you up end up buying heaps of stuff along the way because the favourite fashion items you packed are usually impractical to wash or wear for your travel purposes.

19) Worry if you have enough of the essentials … so you pack extra things like bras, swimwear, special skin products, chargers or medication that are hard to find or replace.

20) Want to follow a normal beauty routine …. so instead of the bare minimum and transferring proper creams into smaller containers you take your normal toiletries, hair products plus your hairdryer which are bulky, heavy and prove a challenge to pack.