We live in a world of fast fashion and information overload. With so many ways now available to find out about fashion trends, new products or any items we desire, do you think we can manage and process all that information? As a consumer, I truly believe that is near impossible. I also believe that all that information generates a lot of confusion among consumers.

Every new season fashion magazines and retail stores bombard us with the latest colours, styles and accessories. While some may attract your attention and stick in your mind, do you really understand at a glance which items would look great on you and fit well or which ones wouldn’t? I believe the answer is NO in capital letters. And that is what I mean about the confusion that all this information generates for us.

The same thing happens online. You see a fabulous outfit on the perfectly proportioned body of a beautiful model. More than likely that’s a body which we would like but may never have no matter how hard we exercise and watch what we eat (and be honest, this has happened to all of us). While we may have the image of that gorgeous outfit in our mind, the only thing stuck is the terrible feeling of unfortunately not having the body to wear it!

So what can we do to overcome this gap between knowing and having absolutely no idea about what works for us and what doesn’t when it comes to fashion styling and trends? You need to educate yourself! One of the first and most important things to figure out is which colours are the ones that suit you best and how to use them properly to co-ordinate an outfit. Having a colour assessment is the easiest way to do this and you will be amazed at how much younger, brighter and more alive you look when you wear the right colours for you.

Furthermore, you need to study the exact shape and proportions of your body so you get an understanding of how to make the most of it when dressing. This is key to knowing what shapes, styles, necklines, collars and fabrics among other things are best suited for your body type and will accentuate and highlight your figure’s best assets.

Once you know this information, the rest is easy. You are ready to adapt to trends and not be stressed out by them. In addition, you will be able to make shopping much more successful every season.